• The continuing story of Robin and Buster

    Two mid-twentieth century twenty-somethings, embarking on their newly-wed life together under the shadow of WW2. Half a world apart, Buster senses imminent danger in her wanderlust and begs Robin to return. But does she? Shamelessly traveling alone as a married woman, Japan’s December 7 surprise attack on Pearl Harbor pins her whereabouts in Rio de Janeiro. Experience how this tribe desperately tries to stay connected in those pre-internet days, when their only option was to wait…Six Weeks for Boat Mail.

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  • About The Author

    When New Jersey-born Bonnie Ann Bedford picked Park City, Utah, as a place to settle in the 1970s no one expected the old silver mining boomtown, turned ski town, would evolve to become a 2002 Winter Olympics host city and, later, a world class destination resort. Fresh out of grad school, her first full-time job with the Park City Chamber of Commerce (then housed in the former Sheriff’s office on Historic Main Street) placed her in a non-profit position to convince visiting travel agents and press writers “This is the Place!” It was a tough sell, especially with Utah’s weird liquor laws. But it’s how she met her husband of forty years, Pete Park. Did his forebears own the city? 

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  • Using letters discovered in the back of a closet, Bonnie Park weaves together three generations of women in a remarkably honest family history. Moving deftly between a Chilean copper mine, an elite East Coast college campus as the U.S. enters WWII, and her own Vietnam-era coming-of-age, her narrative honors women and the families they hold together. In a larger sense, the book speaks to the power of writing to sustain human connection. As a reader, I am grateful those boxes of letters fell into Park's capable hands.

    --Amy Williams, PhD, Associate Professor of English

  • Six Weeks for Boat Mail

    The next in the trilogy by Bonnie Bedford Park

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